Coating Thickness Gauge for Non-Metals (for Polyurea, Asphalitic Neoprene, very thick polymers, etc)

Defelsko Positector 200D1

Photo of Defelsko Positector 200D1
Order #: 200D1
Ships in 3-4 weeks

Product Highlights

  • Non-destructively measures a wide variety of applications using proven ultrasound technology
  • No adjustment required
  • Flashing display
  • Can be instantly restored to factory settings
  • Weatherproof
  • Two year warranty
  • Impact resistant
  • Measures numerous different statistics
  • USB port for easy use with PC
  • PosiSoft solutions for analyzing, viewing, and reporting data
  • Screen capture
  • Every measurement date and time stamped

Each Unit Includes

  • Gage
  • Probe
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