[giaban]Contact[/giaban] [mota]The MD III™ Kit includes all you need to test a motor system online and offline, generators and transformers. Combining 2 methods MCA and... [/mota] [masp] [/masp] [chitiet] - Combines both MCA and ESA methods to assess and predict the status of the engine system
- Automatically diagnose and display the status report as soon as the measurement is completed
- Scheduling inspection and prediction, ideal for routine maintenance
Reports provide diagnostics for winding failures, rotor failures, power failures and even mechanical and electrical conditions or mechanical actuators. [/chitiet] 

[giaban]Contact[/giaban] [mota] The ALL_TEST PRO MDII™ device kit allows to check, diagnose, analyze and manage the condition of the whole system of 1-phase/3-phase motors, DC/AC motors with... [/mota] [masp] [/masp] [chitiet] 
MDII uses both MCA (Motor Circuit Analysis) technique for offline motor analysis and ESA (Electrical Signature Analysis) Motor Current Spectrum Analysis technique for online motor analysis.
Conforms to IEEE Std 1415 TM -2006 sec 4.3.20 and IEEE Std 1415TM - 2006 sec 4.3.33
Simple to use for both inexperienced and more experienced users.
Perform diagnostics and data acquisition quickly (takes only minutes)
The test can be done remotely (at the switchboard) or directly at the motor.
Compact device, easy to carry to the field [/chitiet] 

[giaban]Contact[/giaban] [mota]The ESA (Electrical Signature Analysis) ATPOL II™ analyzer with the ability to analyze based on the received current/voltage signal allows the evaluation of... [/mota] [masp] [/masp] [chitiet] 
 - Voltage: 1-600 Vrms in steady mode (higher for special applications); Accuracy 0.1%
- Current: 0.01 – 5000A, AC or DC depending on the included current transformer; 0.1% accuracy + current transformer accuracy
- Display on LCD screen
- Computer communication and data transmission via Bluetooth
Highest safety standard in the industry: 600V CAT IV
- Power supply: 12VDC rechargeable battery @ 500mA[/chitiet] 

[giaban]Contact[/giaban] [mota]ALL-SAFE PRO® is an extension kit for the ATPOL II™ model. This accessory is permanently mounted in the electrical cabinet and collects information of the electrical system in a... [/mota] [masp] [/masp] [chitiet] 
- UL STD 61010-1:2004 manufacturing standard, certified by CSA and compliant with EC requirements for voltage class 600V, cat III
- The kit is equipped with current transformers to take the necessary electrical signals to the processor
- Safety for the user
- Save time with only about 1 minute connecting and retrieving data
- Simple installation, no special tools required [/chitiet] 

[giaban]Contact[/giaban] [mota]The AT33 IND™ is ideal for quick testing and diagnostics of new, after-repair or newly installed engines. Quick check of stator winding condition... [/mota] [masp] [/masp] [chitiet] 
- Check for problems and errors on most electric machines, especially squirrel cage rotor motors
- Detecting errors on stator windings, rotor bars, errors due to contamination, grounding, connections in electrical machines
- Measure parameters such as resistance, reactance, capacitance, inductance, phase angle
- Especially can measure in 2 modes Dynamic and Static, allowing users to judge and make accurate conclusions about the condition of the engine.
- Software (optional) powerful support for data storage, analysis as well as report export
Measures insulation up to 999 MΩ with test voltages of 500 and 1000V
Display on 3.1” LCD (128 x 64 pixels)
- Safety standard according to IEC 61010-1 CAT.III 1000V and approval according to CE

[giaban]Contact[/giaban] [mota] All-Test Pro 5™ is a hand-held instrument that tests all types of motors according to the MCA method, including synchronous motors, induction motors, AC/DC motors, ... [/mota] [masp] [/masp] [chitiet]
.Comprehensive Stator and Rotor Analysis – Detect faults on AC and DC motors, transformers and generators
.Automatic diagnostics on the device - Report engine condition immediately after checking
.Test and predictive planning – ideal for early diagnosis and planning
.Can perform inspection and diagnosis from more than 300m
.Quick report of information such as bad connections, winding/turning errors, clearances, rotor breakage, contamination and earth fault
.Ability to store up to 650 test results  [/chitiet] 

[giaban]Contact[/giaban] [mota]In addition to the function of 1 Meg-ohm meter, Motor GENIE (made in USA by Alltest Pro) with fast motor analysis provides INSTANT motor condition assessment. [/mota] [masp] [/masp] [chitiet]  Diagnosis is based on the parameters of coil resistance R, coil impedance (Z), phase angle Fi (φ), I/F ratio.
Detecting short circuit errors, shorting coils
Detects coil contamination by grease, dust or liquid.
Quick check of rotor quality.
Detects poor contact faults such as broken or burnt connections, oxidized contacts or loose wires
Phase unbalance: impedance imbalance = reduced motor life and higher power consumption
Ground fault detection (test voltage 500V or 1000V)
Power supply: rechargeable battery (in the machine) / Battery charger: 230VAC, 50Hz[/chitiet]