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Uni-Swivel Design
The 360 ​​degree by 180 degree uni-swivel allows

for shorter tool length, accommodating

applications with obstructions.


Patented “Peanut-Shaped” Piston
This feature allows the cylinder and ratchet

link to be the same width. Friction reducing

sliders prevent wear on the piston.

Hex Link Cassettes
Each link is fitted with steel alignment pins

connectingthe lower reaction area for added


No Drip Quick Connect Couplers
These 3:1 rated safety couplers are designed

for simple engagement. The coupler collar

ensure safe operation.

Cylinder and Link Material
Both cylinder and link are manufactured from

4340Aircraft Quality high strength steel alloy.

Nose Radius
Tight nose radius allows this tool to fit in

applicationswhere clearance constraints

makeother tools are too bulky.

In-Line Reaction Pad

This design ensures torsion-free reaction every


Link Pin
One pin for link to cylinder engagement - no

tool required for swapping ratchet links.

TXU Inline Reaction Arm
This arm can be attached to the drive cylinder

andratchet link to provide a reaction area

further from the tool.

TXU Tool Handle
This ergonomically designed handle for TorcUP

hydraulic tooling can be attached to the tool

for safeoperation and positioning of the tool,

while keepinghands clear of any reaction points.

TXU Low Point Reaction Paddle
The paddle allows for a reaction point below

the tool or against the edge of the flange.

TXU Link Pin With Landyard
The lanyard design for this accessory allows

the link pin to be tethered to the tool,

prevent lost or dropped pins when switching

out ratchet links.

TXU Spanner Wrench
The line of spanner wrenches for the TX Series,

available in closed end standard sizes and

open orclosed custom sizes, is a unique

solution forapplications where traditional links

will not fit.

TXU Hex Reducer
Custom hex reducers are available for all TX

models to reduce the hex openings on the links.

Thesebustings can reduce 3/16” (5mm) or more,

depending on need.




[giaban]Contact[/giaban] [mota]Hose maneuverability enhanced with uni-swivel design. Enhanced ergonomic design optimizes fit across a mulitude of applications. Lab-tested and field-proven....  [/mota] [masp] [/masp] [chitiet] 
The SQ series is a masterpiece of style, capability and durability. Now offering our perfected Uni-Swivel design, the SQ can adapt to any job site application. Within this tool, you will find our proven “Three Moving Part” technology which provides application accuracy of +/-3%. Engineered to master any application, the SQ matches its amazing looks with the safest and most reliable results.

The World’s Sexiest Looking Hydraulic Wrench!

  • Made in the USA
  • Four Models From 127 Ft/Lbs to 11,000 Ft/Lbs
  • Every Unit Calibrated In ISO17025 Laboratory
  • Manufactured With AQ Certified Alloys
  • Genuine TorcUP Design

The SQ Series proves that TorcUP is again the producer of “The Worlds Sexiest Looking Hydraulic Wrench” – FACT. We don’t need to say this tool looks GREAT because our competitors do!! Equaling great looks the SQ Series benefits from an all VASCOMAX “Three Moving Part” component system.




[giaban]Contact[/giaban] [mota]Everything Raptor with a little more reach. The RAPTOR RP-1000 with built in nose extension. The preferred tool for wheel bolting installations.  [/mota] [masp] [/masp] [chitiet]The RP series handle makes it appear like an impact wrench, but once you pull the trigger nothing about this tool relates to the word “IMPACT”. This is a smooth running instrument for applying vast amounts of torque in a continuous fluid like manner. With the use of standard industrial sockets every application is met with repeatable torque to an accuracy of +/-5%.


  • ·         Made In USA
  • ·         Five Models From 78 Ft/lbs to 6,000 Ft/lbs
  • ·         Every Unit Calibrated In ISO17025 Laboratory
  • ·         Manufactured With AQ Certified Alloys
  • ·         Genuine TorcUP Design

When it comes to the saying “more to it than meets the eye”, this is an understatement when creating an accurate and durable pneumatic torque wrench. The RP series wrenches combine the most tight tolerance air drive motors along with a planetary gear stack capable of handling more torque than the tool is cited as capable of – YES WE BUILT IN A SAFETY FACTOR! The specifications we state are the specifications you get when you purchase an RP series wrench! From the speed to the torque to the weight to the operational sound level – WHAT IS ADVERTISED IS WHAT YOU GET! And what you get is a tool that you can count on! So what matters to you? Marketing hype or the ABSOLUTE MOST DURABLE PNEUMATIC TORQUE WRENCH SERIES EVER PRODUCED!




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Measures and records climatic conditions including: relative humidity, air temperature, surface temperature, dew point temperature, wind speed, and difference between surface and dew point temperatures.
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•           All readings are constantly updated and displayed simultaneously

•           Alarms indicate when climate conditions are unsuitable for painting

•           NEW Larger 2.8" impact resistant color touchscreen with redesigned keypad for quick menu navigation

•           NEW On-gage help explains menu items at the touch of a button

•           No need to consult complex tables or use a slide rule calculator



•           Fast response precision sensors provide accurate, repeatable readings

•           SmartTrend™ Indicators identify rising, falling, or stable readings

•           Certificate of Calibration included showing traceability to NIST

•           Conforms to national and international standards including ISO and ASTM



•           NEW Screen Capture—save 100 screen images for record keeping and review

•           NEW Instant-on feature quickly powers up the gage if recently powered down

•           NEW Up to 30% longer battery life

•           USB port for fast, simple connection to a PC and to supply continuous power. USB cable included.

•           PosiSoft USB Drive—stored readings and graphs can be accessed using universal PC/Mac web browsers or file explorers. No software required.

•           Includes PosiSoft suite of software for viewing and reporting data

•           Software Updates via web keep your gage current

•           Every stored measurement is date and time stamped



•           NEW Weatherproof, dustproof, and water-resistant—IP65-rated enclosure

•           NEW Ergonomic design with durable rubberized grip

•           Shock-absorbing, protective rubber holster for added impact resistance

•           Two year warranty on gage body AND probe


Surface Temperature
-40° to 80° C
± 0.5° C
0.1° C
80° to 190° C
± 1.5° C
-40° to 175° F
± 1° F
175° to 375° F
± 3° F
0.1° F
Infrared Surface Temperature*
-70° to 380° C
-94° to 716° F
± 1° C + 1%**
± 2° F + 1%**
0.1° C
0.1° F
Air Temperature
-40° to 80° C
± 0.5° C
0.1° C
-40° to 175° F
± 1° F
0.1° F
0 to 100%
± 3%
Wind Speed
0 to 20 m/s
0 to 44 mph
± 3% Full Scale
0.1 m/s
0.1 mph
Dew Point
-60° to 80° C
-76° to 175° F
± 3° C
± 5.4° F
0.1° C
0.1° F

DPM IR models only
** At 23° C (73° F) ambient
†  DPM A models only
‡ dependent on RH. See Dew Point (Td) Accuracy for more information.



[giaban]Contact[/giaban] [mota]When powerful performance is needed and budgets are limited, choose the versatile Superior AccuTrak® VPE-1000  [/mota] [masp] [/masp] [chitiet] When powerful performance is needed and budgets are limited, choose the versatile Superior AccuTrak® VPE-1000 Ultrasonic Leak Detector. It is the first low cost digital ultrasonic leak detector, offering extraordinary features at a fraction of the cost of other ultrasonic instruments. The versatile AccuTrak® VPE-1000 features separate ultra-sensitive sensors for both airborne and contact ultrasound. Extremely sensitive to the ultrasonic sound of leaks and friction in industrial systems, the VPE-1000 Ultrasonic Leak Detector uses a technique called "heterodyning" to translate ultrasound to a lower frequency which our ears can interpret. AccuTrak® Ultrasonic Leak Detectors are so sensitive they can hear the blink of an eye, yet most background noise will not interfere with leak detection accuracy. Patented technology uses a microcomputer and digital circuitry making the AccuTrak® VPE-1000 the most accurate and repeatable ultrasonic leak detector available in its class.

VPE-1000 Ultrasonic Leak Detector Applications

The VPE-1000 is perfect for schools, hospitals, hotels, and other large institutional or industrial environments. the VPE-1000 can be used for a variety of leak detection and plant maintenance applications.
  • Leak Detection:  Air, Vacuum, Refrigerants; ANY GAS!
  • Steam Traps:  Detect live steam loss in seconds!
  • Valves: Detect/hear internal leakage in check, ball, needle, gate or any type of valve! Diagnose thermal expansion valves in just five minutes!
  • Bearings: Hear wear and lubrication problems before damage is done!
  • Electric Arc and Corona: Inspect circuit breakers, relays, and buss bars! Check for corrosion on contacts and proper insulation!
  • Pneumatics and Hydraulics: Inspect controls, hoses, tools, fittings and internal cylinders with ease!
  • Vibration:  Detect the ultrasonic sound generated by excessive friction!
  • Fan Belts

VPE-1000 Ultrasonic Leak Detector Features

  • Digital LED Indicators: Both alphanumeric and bar-graph!
  • Digital Peak Hold: Holds highest level for easy readability!
  • Separate Volume/Sensitivity: Independent controls allow you to "zoom" into sounds in noisy areas!
  • Dual Sensors:Each with excellent frequency response, and independent settings

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  • Multiple-Echo for reliable, accurate through coating measurements
  • A NEW high durability LCD rotatable display for all lighting conditions
  • Extremely rugged enclosure – shock and impact to MIL STD 810G
  • Environment sealing to IP67 – MIL STD 810G
  • Deep-coat mode – measures through coatings up to 20 mm thick
  • Cygnus echo-strength bars assist thickness measurements
  • TPE over molded enclosure
  • Buttons designed for minimum of 100,000 depressions
  • Fully sealed battery compartment (contains any leaking battery fluids).


  • MaterialsSound velocities between 1000 m/s – 9000 m/s – covers virtually all common engineering materials
    Accuracy±0.1 mm or 0.1% of thickness measurement, whichever is greatest, when calibrated in accordance with Cygnus Instruments calibration procedure
    Resolution0.1 mm or 0.05 mm
    Measurement Range in Steel3 – 250 mm with 2.25 MHz probe (S2C/D)
    2 – 150 mm with 3.5 MHz probe (S3C)
    1 – 50 mm with 5.0 MHz probe (S5C/A)
    Connector1 x Lemo 1
    Power3 x AA batteries
    Battery Life10 hours minimum,continuously measuring
    ElectronicsDual channel pulser
    DisplayEnd-mounted LCD (rotatable)
    Size132 x 82 x 34 mm
    Weight300 grams (inc. batteries)
    Operating Temperature-10°C to 50°C
    Environmental RatingIP67 (dust tight and immersion – 1 metre for 30 mins)
    MIL STD 810G Method 501.6 (high temp +55°C)
    MIL STD 810G Method 502.6 (low temp -20°C)
    MIL STD 810G Method 507.6 (humidity 95%)
    MIL STD 810G Method 512.6 (immersion – 1 metre for 30 mins)
    Shock and ImpactMIL STD 810G Method 514.7 (vibration – 1 hour each axis)
    MIL STD 810G Method 516.7 (shock 20g – 11ms half sine shock pulse, 40g 11ms in each axis)
    MIL STD 810G Method 516.7 (26 drops – transit drop 1.22 m)
    StandardsDesigned for EN 15317
    EnvironmentalRoHS, WEEE compliant
    Warranty3 years on gauge and 6 months on probe


Single Crystal Probes:6 mm – 5.0 MHz (S5A)
13 mm – 2.25 MHz (S2C (standard)), 3.5 MHz (S3C) or 5.0 MHz (S5C)
19 mm – 2.25 MHz (S2D)

[giaban]Contact[/giaban] [mota]Model CML-W 150 laser welding machine is used to weld small parts that require high precision that traditional welding equipment cannot meet. [/mota] [masp] [/masp] [chitiet] Model CML-W 150 laser welding machine is used to weld small parts that require high precision that traditional welding equipment cannot meet.
The device is equipped with a Touch Screen screen that makes the operation process easier and more convenient
Large working chamber, can weld large parts [/chitiet] 

[giaban]Contact[/giaban] [mota]Avail from us, an array Professional & Standard Level Desk scales which comply with international standards of quality.
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  • Piece Counting
  • Resolution is 0.001g, repeatability is 0.001g and linearity is 0.002g. Pan size can be up to 128 x 128 mm
  • Automatic calibration (Built-in standard weight built-in). Wide measuring range, 0.001g resolution (with the ability to weigh up to 1000g)
  • Percentage (%) weighing.
  • ABS Plastic Body
  • LED Backlit LCD display is exceptionally easy to read under any room lighting conditions
  • Only a single cable is required to transfer balance data to MS Excel or other Windows application through RS232C interface. No troublesome interface attachment or software installation is necessary. This unique feature makes Aczet balance extremely convenient for data analysis.
  • 8 weighing units like g, Kg, oz, lb, ct, etc.

[giaban]Contact[/giaban] [mota]An advanced and highly modular portable crawler camera system for the Pipeline Inspection professional.  [/mota] [masp] [/masp] [chitiet] 
  • P350 Command Module

  • Compact and tough command module, can be left on the drum or fitted where convenient.
  • IP53 weather proofed and light weight (as little as 12lbs)-(5.5kg).
  • Splashproof keyboard for text entry and on-site comprehensive reporting systems with XML and HTML output.
  • Intuitive tractor control options, compatible with third party USB gamepads.
  • USB 2.0 to transfer all the files quickly to a PC or laptop .
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology to send photos world-wide instantly (compatible cell phone and service provider required).

  • Rugged yet flexible

  • Self-contained power drum offers automatic retrieval mode, with crawler-cable rewind synchronization for safer and easier operations.
  • Thermostatically controlled cooling systems for quiet operation.
  • Cost effective, compact, manual drum option available for space- constrained installations, represents an ideal entry level system.
  • Choice of cable lengths from 330’(100m) to 1000’ (305m) with swivel-end tractor connection system provide system configurability and protection to the most vulnerable part of the cable.
  • Drum pendant remote control option facilitates easy system launch and retrieval.
  • Manhole and pipe roller accessories prevent unnecessary wear and damage to the cable.
  • On screen crawler roll and inclination indicator provide operators with real time information of the crawler angular position in the pipe.
  • Anti-roll software feature, automatically monitors the roll angle of the crawler and helps preventing flipping over.
  • Quick-release wheels and choice of rubber and abrasive tires enables fast set up and high pulling performance in most pipe conditions.
  •     *Minimum specified diameter must be maintained along the whole length of the survey.

    Flexiprobe pushrod system support

  • One touch switch from crawler to pushrod operations, removes the need to move cables.
  • Supports full range of P340 flexiprobe pushrod reels and cameras to survey pipes from 1¼” (35mm).
  • Choice of different strength rods and lengths to suit domestic and commercial requirements.
  • 1” (25mm) or 2” (50mm) cameras, with ultra-bright, white LED technology for a long, maintenance-free life and exceptional light performance.
  • Fixed or flexible 512Hz and 640Hz sondes to enable tracing of pipes and the pinpointing of problematic areas.
  • Skid Accessories to protect the camera and position the camera at the centre of the pipe to produce industry standard complaint video surveys.
  • Command module mounting support allows using the P350 command module mounted directly on the reel-its pivot action allows for optimal screen orientation.