[giaban]Contact[/giaban] [mota]Pearpoint's P374 IS is an intrinsically safe Pushrod Sewer Camera System certified to EEX ia IIC T6 for Zone 0 Hazardous environments  [/mota] [masp] [/masp] [chitiet] 
Pearpoint's P374 IS is an intrinsically safe Pushrod Sewer Camera System certified to EEX ia IIC T6 for Zone 0 Hazardous environments.

Pearpoint's P374 IS is an intrinsically safe pushrod system certified to EEX ia IIC T6 for Zone 0 Hazardous environments such as vessels or pipework within the chemical and petrochemical industries, landfill venting systems, natural gas supply infrastructure, etc. The surface equipment is IP55 rated allowing this system to be used in most types of weather conditions. The P374 IS system is compact and fully integrated making it very easy to transport around.

[giaban]Contact[/giaban] [mota]An advanced and highly modular portable crawler camera system for the Pipeline Inspection professional.  [/mota] [masp] [/masp] [chitiet] 
  • P350 Command Module

  • Compact and tough command module, can be left on the drum or fitted where convenient.
  • IP53 weather proofed and light weight (as little as 12lbs)-(5.5kg).
  • Splashproof keyboard for text entry and on-site comprehensive reporting systems with XML and HTML output.
  • Intuitive tractor control options, compatible with third party USB gamepads.
  • USB 2.0 to transfer all the files quickly to a PC or laptop .
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology to send photos world-wide instantly (compatible cell phone and service provider required).

  • Rugged yet flexible

  • Self-contained power drum offers automatic retrieval mode, with crawler-cable rewind synchronization for safer and easier operations.
  • Thermostatically controlled cooling systems for quiet operation.
  • Cost effective, compact, manual drum option available for space- constrained installations, represents an ideal entry level system.
  • Choice of cable lengths from 330’(100m) to 1000’ (305m) with swivel-end tractor connection system provide system configurability and protection to the most vulnerable part of the cable.
  • Drum pendant remote control option facilitates easy system launch and retrieval.
  • Manhole and pipe roller accessories prevent unnecessary wear and damage to the cable.
  • On screen crawler roll and inclination indicator provide operators with real time information of the crawler angular position in the pipe.
  • Anti-roll software feature, automatically monitors the roll angle of the crawler and helps preventing flipping over.
  • Quick-release wheels and choice of rubber and abrasive tires enables fast set up and high pulling performance in most pipe conditions.
  •     *Minimum specified diameter must be maintained along the whole length of the survey.

    Flexiprobe pushrod system support

  • One touch switch from crawler to pushrod operations, removes the need to move cables.
  • Supports full range of P340 flexiprobe pushrod reels and cameras to survey pipes from 1¼” (35mm).
  • Choice of different strength rods and lengths to suit domestic and commercial requirements.
  • 1” (25mm) or 2” (50mm) cameras, with ultra-bright, white LED technology for a long, maintenance-free life and exceptional light performance.
  • Fixed or flexible 512Hz and 640Hz sondes to enable tracing of pipes and the pinpointing of problematic areas.
  • Skid Accessories to protect the camera and position the camera at the centre of the pipe to produce industry standard complaint video surveys.
  • Command module mounting support allows using the P350 command module mounted directly on the reel-its pivot action allows for optimal screen orientation.

[giaban]Contact[/giaban] [mota]Pearpoint’s P340 flexiprobe Pushrod Sewer Camera Systems can be used in a range of pipe inspection application from domestic to industrial.  [/mota] [masp] [/masp] [chitiet] 
  •  In-built high capacity Lithium-Ion battery (P340+ controller)
  •  One-touch recording to USB memory sticks and Compact Flash cards
  •  Outstanding picture quality from toughened cameras
  •  Super-flexible Plumbers system for residential and commercial plumbing
  •  High quality digital video with digital pan and zoom
  •  Inspection reports prepared on-site with integrated report writer
  •  Weatherproof, robust and truly portable